Starting New Friendships

In the days before I met with my Level partner, I was a little nervous. I never worked with Level before and I had the fear of “what if he doesn’t like me??” I really did not know what to expect and what we would do.  I never interacted with someone who was the same age and going through the same things as me but might have a different perspective because of the disability he or she has.

My meeting with my Level partner was awesome. He was super outgoing with his jokes and happy spirit. Previously, I was afraid of whether or not I would have something to talk about to fill the silences between conversations. But, he made that easy. For me, it didn’t even feel like service at all, just two people hanging out and helping each other as friends would. We talked about a variety of things, like our music taste, interests, and hobbies. We started a little late and only had time to read over history homework and we chatted until our time was up. It might be difficult to get us both to focus since we both would rather chat instead.

During our meeting hours over the upcoming weeks, I know I will be helping him with a lot of assignments and readings and so forth. However, even from the first meeting, I feel like I am learning and have learned from him as well. I was very conscious of saying the wrong or right things and struggling with my own perceptions of what disability is. He helped me by being open with me telling me his perspective. He told me if I had any questions about anything, to not be afraid to ask.  I am so excited to continue my hours this week!


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