Before learning about Special Education Laws, I did not know much about the literature and what services were given to individuals who may have a disability. This helped me get a better understanding of the services and accommodations provided and the laws enacted to protect individuals’ rights. I was surprised about how recent (in comparison to other things) these laws have been enacted and revised. It is crazy to think that many individuals were not provided these rights or services years ago and I wonder how different it was for them in comparison to present day. Furthermore, I’m interested to see how these laws are going to evolve and change in the future. 


In addition, the past couple weeks of lecture opened my eyes to how we all are temporarily abled. I never thought of the possibilities of losing my hearing, vision, or use of my limbs because of an accident or for health reasons. I think many people fail to see this as well and would have a completely different perspective if they did. Seeing the disability categories under IDEA helped inform me of the different disabilities one may have. I never thought some of the categories were covered under IDEA, such as Other Health Impairments. I did not know that individuals with special health conditions fell into a disability category, such as cancer or diabetes.


In class when we discussed that some individuals may only think of disabilities as something that is visible or physically seen, it opened my eyes to the stereotypes of what disability is. One may experience disability in different forms, whether it is a learning disability, an orthopedic impairment, or a hearing impairment. This just further illustrates that disability isn’t necessarily only something you can see. The clip we watched in class about dyslexia was also very interesting to me. I think actually experiencing or feeling what someone else is going through, whether emotionally or physically, is very educational and allows one to relate in addition to learning about it. 


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