Perspectives of Individuals with Disabilities

For me, Casino Night was a great night. I had so much fun (even though I did not win anything and I’m also terrible at gambling)! It was a great experience for speakers, such as Hindley, to be able to speak to everyone that attended and show how influential and important LEVEL is here on campus. In addition, it helps provide a sense of community and inclusion of individuals of all abilities by participating in this fun social event. It provides a sense of awareness as well as needed fundraising that will help LEVEL expand its role here on campus. The venue was made physically accessible by having it in the Pavilion, which was all one level and was accessible without stairs. The layout was spread out, allowing space between all of the tables and preventing overwhelming foot traffic. Some tables were lowered; however, some of the game tables were higher, which may not have been very accessible for individuals with wheelchairs. I loved the theme of Great Gatsby. The decorations, lights, and posters around the venue were awesome!

So far, this course has shown me a perspective that I may not have had otherwise. Now, I can see all the different ways that disability is portrayed in society and how individuals treat those with disabilities. From the material we have covered in the past couple of weeks, I never even thought of how disheartening it must be to see definitions still used to this day using words like “broken”, “lame”, and “not whole” to describe an individual with a disability. Even more, I can’t imagine the feeling of reading those words and feeling that society associates those words with who you are. Studying perspectives of individuals with disabilities help shed light on the negative and incorrect stereotypes that are inundated into society. Just because an individual has a disability, it does not mean that they are not “able.”


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